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desley lodwick profressional coach public speaker cohort coaching

Shifting information and content to insight and wisdom

Everything is changing in our world except for how we do business.

The way we come together as human beings to solve problems and invent our futures has stayed remarkably constant - leaders are expected to produce excellence in increasingly uncertain business climates. 

The path to effective leadership is paved with small decisions.


The complexity of work has moved us beyond our individual capacity for solving many problems. Instead, progress and success is made through collective sense-making and mindsets primed for growth: accelerating wisdom.

Dr Desley Lodwick is an industry leader in leadership transformation, equipping leaders with the understanding on how to navigate the increasing complexity of a contemporary workplace, 

"The more you can reflect on your own behaviour, feelings, desires and needs, the more you can operate from a place of wisdom: wholeness, peace and strength."

desley lodwick profressional coach public speaker cohort coaching
desley lodwick profressional coach public speaker cohort coaching

Professional Speaking 

Engaging | Dynamic | Inspiring

Desley has been speaking at summits and industry conferences across Australia and internationally for many years, masterfully connecting research and ideas to ease the challenges of work.


During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Desley seamlessly transitioned to virtual work, leveraging her dedicated studio to serve clients globally. Since 2020, she has consistently delivered webcasts, coach development, cohort coaching, individual coaching, and has successfully facilitated online conferences and workshops.

Desley's comprehensive insights and expert guidance are strategically tailored to address a diverse spectrum of contemporary workplace challenges. Benefit from her exceptional ability to tackle complex topics, propelling your organisation towards transformative solutions.


Aberrant Leadership

Aberrant Leadership

The complexity of work has moved us beyond our individual capacity for solving many problems. Instead, we need to utilise our collective sense-making and shift our mindsets to prime ourselves to progress in the contemporary workplace. 

When Work Isn't Working

When Work Isn't Working

Attain the necessary expertise to cultivate unity within teams and individuals, propelling complex organizational and team challenges forward. Embrace the imperative of adapting to evolving cultures, seizing change as a catalyst for growth.

From Problems to Progress

From Problems to Progress

In the absence of mindful consideration towards human interactions encompassing exchange, collaboration, communication, inquiry, responsiveness, and reciprocation, progress remains stagnant, and inevitable disintegration arises.

With over 20 years’ experience, Desley is a master coach, speaker, trainer and author of 'Contextualist Coaching for Complex Times' (2016), and has helped thousands of people amplify their wisdom. 

Desley, through her company
Aberrant, delivers interactive keynotes that inspire, inform, and facilitate action, provides coaching to individuals and groups, and facilitates workshops

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching assessment and development for personal and career development

Cohort Coaching

Group coaching to support and foster team growth and create effective workplaces

Coaching Development

Training and professional support for aspiring and established developmental coaches

Accelerating Wisdom 

Supporting, yet challenging, coaching facilitation to honing effective leadership skills

AMPLIFY Programs

Addressing real-world scenarios, build your own voice to champion yourself and your career growth

Public Speaking

Inspirational and purposeful, Dr Desley Lodwick offers globally recognised speaking services

desley lodwick profressional coach public speaker cohort coaching

Desley is the right choice because she is one of the few people in the world who has both earned a doctorate in adult learning and has been on the ground as the Managing Director of a global IT firm.

Louise Karch 


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